Housing Toronto Presentation - The Yellowbelt: Protecting the Overprotected

I recently co-gave a presentation at the Housing Toronto forum with Cheryll Case about the yellowbelt and restrictive OP/Zoning regulations that prevent gentle density and missing middle type housing from becoming common in most of Toronto. You can DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION HERE (dropbox link - be sure to download it, and not just view on your computer, because it is transition dependant, and those don't show in the dropbox preview. Also, use a desktop because I don't think it will show correctly on mobile.)

A couple notes about it:
1) I don't use a lot of text in my presentations, because that's info that I'm supposed to be telling you as I speak (and wall of text presentations are really boring), so I hope you can still follow along with the flow.
2) It was originally designed in Apple Keynote (because I hate PowerPoint), and then converted to PowerPoint so you can view it. Its a little clunky with some transitions and such, but I hope that it still comes through alright. 

If you have any questions about it, feel free to get in touch via the contact page. 

Cheryll Case, Ryerson Grad, puts some numbers to the Yellowbelt

"The report comes from recent urban planning grad Cheryll Case, along with Tetyana Bailey. When they matched the city’s zoning boundaries with recent Census information, the researchers found that 30 neighbourhoods actually declined in population and another 65 were essentially frozen, gaining less than one person per kilometre despite the city’s 7.6 per cent population growth between 2001 and 2016."


The OMB, Density Creep, and the Yellowbelt

I had the pleasure of being invited back to CBC's Metro Morning to talk about a recent OMB decision that partially allowed a townhouse development on Keewatin. This proposal was the subject of the infamous "density creep" opposition by neighbours. I posted some thoughts about it on twitter, and CBC had me in to talk more about it. 

Here's a partial transcript of the discussion (I'll post the audio if they put it online).