Good planning CAN BE challenging.

It needs to balance the varied interests of diverse groups of stakeholders, all of which have their own needs and concerns. Whether the project is big or small, it involves compromise and incremental progress. Sometimes the end result isn’t exactly what you thought you want, but ends up coming close to what everyone needs.

This is where Galbraith & Associates can help.

We speak the planning language. Sean Galbraith and the team have over 20 years experience as urban planners. Sean's career has primarily been focused in the private sector, where he has worked on a wide variety of development applications, including residential, industrial, commercial, and telecommunication projects. Sean can also sometimes be heard on CBC Radio 1's Metro Morning talking about local development issues.

Galbraith & Associates was formed in 2011 as a client-focused boutique firm specializing in smaller urban planning projects. Sean and his team have helped property owners successfully guide their projects through the development application process and avoid potential pitfalls along the way. Too often people think that because their project is small, they don’t need a planner on board to help. “Its only one variance, it will be fine” they think. Unfortunately, even small projects can go off the rails quickly if you don’t have expert advice and assistance in your corner. Big firms sometimes don’t have time for the small projects, but this is what we specialize in. It doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner, a builder, a developer, or an architect, we can work with you to determine what level of assistance your project needs and customize our services accordingly.

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