Housing Toronto Presentation - The Yellowbelt: Protecting the Overprotected

I recently co-gave a presentation at the Housing Toronto forum with Cheryll Case about the yellowbelt and restrictive OP/Zoning regulations that prevent gentle density and missing middle type housing from becoming common in most of Toronto. You can DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION HERE (dropbox link - be sure to download it, and not just view on your computer, because it is transition dependant, and those don't show in the dropbox preview. Also, use a desktop because I don't think it will show correctly on mobile.)

A couple notes about it:
1) I don't use a lot of text in my presentations, because that's info that I'm supposed to be telling you as I speak (and wall of text presentations are really boring), so I hope you can still follow along with the flow.
2) It was originally designed in Apple Keynote (because I hate PowerPoint), and then converted to PowerPoint so you can view it. Its a little clunky with some transitions and such, but I hope that it still comes through alright. 

If you have any questions about it, feel free to get in touch via the contact page.